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How to Wear a Hanbok

Traditional Korean clothing was made for comfort and ease of wear. The hanbok is certainly easy to wear, and pretty comfortable, but it may not be easy to put on.


were made from finely woven cotton or cut from adult garments in order to source worn, softer fabric.


Saekdong jeogori are worn exclusively by children and feature colorfully striped sleeves symbolizing prosperity and warding off evil spirits.


Samkyusam was worn during the coming of age ceremony for young boys.

When do you wear a hanbok?

Traditional Korean clothing has changed a lot over the centuries. It went out of fashion in the 20th Century, but made a comeback after WW2.


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Traditional Joseon style

The traditional Hanbok of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) was inspired by the preceding Goryeo Dynasty.


Casual Hanbok is a modern take on the traditional style, incorporating floral patterns, lace and even the female ornamental accessory norigae.


Hanbok outfits designed for office wear feature a one-piece dress, a two-piece outfit with a short skirt or one with pants for convenience.

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Women in the Joseon dynasty court were also assigned specific hanbok according to their hierarchical positions ranging from queen, to princess, to royal concubine. Commoner women sometimes wore hanbok mimicing the styles of royal female hanbok, but only during special ceremonies or formal occasions.