Traditional Hanbok vs. Themed Hanbok

Traditional Hanbok vs. Themed Hanbok

Hanbok is a short term for the Korean dress code. Korean folk dress, or traditional dress, is the most basic concept of Korean folk dress. It has moved with the times and is still evolving.

Until 100 years ago, it was still worn daily, but nowadays it is usually only worn on festive occasions or anniversaries. It is a formal dress, and most Koreans keep a hanbok for special occasions. Korean hanbok is now a general trend. At Gwanghwamun, Bukchon Hanok Village and other major tourist attractions in Seoul, you can see travellers wearing colourful hanboks.

As Hanbok’s popularity has increased,

As the popularity of Hanbok has increased, so has the number of hanbok rental shops. According to the Hanbok Promotion Center affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, in 2015, there were about 10 Hanbok rental shops near Gyeongbokgung Palace. Today, there are about 60 places in the hanbok rental industry. These hanbok rental shops handle different types of hanbok, but traditional hanbok and themed hanbok are the most representative categories.

Traditional Hanbok 

The traditional hanbok is a simple and elegant design that Korean people wear on holidays or special occasions. While the traditional hanbok was beautiful in its own right, the design has slowly but surely changed over the generations.

At the heart of hanbok is its graceful shape and vibrant colors.

At the heart of hanbok are its graceful shape and vibrant colors, which have had a major impact on the modern fashion industry. It’s hard to think of hanbok as everyday wear, but it’s slowly becoming revolutionary with the change of fabrics, colors, and functions, reflecting the latest trend. Many people who want to be hanbok designers have made hanbok for everyday use with traditional elements at the base of the garment but with a modern look.

It is treated as a basic option in most hanbok rental shops and is the lowest price range of KRW 10,000 won.

Theme Hanbok 

The Theme Hanbok is more popular among young people because it has a more colourful pattern than the traditional Hanbok. These new forms of hanbok are also called “fusion hanbok” in Korea and give off a different atmosphere than the “modernized hanbok”.

The appearance of the theme (or fusion) hanbok

The appearance of the themed (or fusion) hanbok dates back to 2013, when the Cultural Heritage Agency arranged free entry for people wearing hanbok. In the same year, Hanbok Experience rental shops were established in Jeonju and the number of experienced Hanbok shops in the ancient palaces of the country increased sharply.

Owners of Hanbok rental shops and those who work with the younger generation

Hanbok rental store owners and those who work with the younger generation believe that the advent of fashion hanbok is just the beginning of a new culture where wearing hanbok becomes a way for people to share traditions in a playful and fun way. to discover.

The rental cost for themed hanbok is normally 2 times higher than traditional special-purpose hanbok, such as wedding hanbok, which are quite expensive.